old but good.

Dear Irony viewers,

There will be no postings from me for a short while. Nor will I be able to mail out sticker orders during this period of time. Please accept my most sincere apology. I shall return in a fortnight.

Au revoir!
Personal scrapyard.
A commissioned portrait of a gentleman.

Kyle's (VRT Kyle) S13.

Big thanks to Darkness*Squad, Drift Wolrd, Slide Asylum, and SRS BZNS for posting up the stickers.
If I am missing anyone, please bring it to my attention.
Soundtrack to Travis.
Dear Matej BlahĂșt:

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating the Rules of Vimeo.com
Reason: Uploading videos from TV, Movies, or something you ripped from the Web.

We hope you find a video host more suited to your needs. If you believe this was an error, please reply to this email in a civil manner with your reasoning ("I see other people do it" is not a valid reason).

A most saddening dispatch. Super bummed.

photo credit: Brent Gudenschwager

A short clip on Bro Matej's love life...

Big thanks to Nate Bro & everyone's favourite mechaphiles, CIB!
These motor mount spacers will raise my oil pan and down pipe a few millimeters, while maintaining all the sloppy comfort of the old rotten factory motor mounts. Probably bad for performance or something though.
Irony now a mainstream blog. Stay tuned for Anne Hathaway's vacation photos.
"Alas, monsieur, do you hear? They are sounding the boarding whistle for the bandwagon."
Now available in the Gift Shop.

We've all seen it before.

...return of masked bro.
Will 2010 be the year I finish my clutch swap?