Rollin' Hard

And taking sick mobile phone photos.

Fresh white TE's

Four boxes.
Chilling on my 'rents' suburbia doorstep.
Return address: Japan.
The anticipation is over.

The look will be complete.
Just need to finish the V-mount.
Set proper ride height.
Adjust the roll center.

Calculate grip to horsepower ratio.
Order the correct tire size
Mount, balance, install.
On my race car.

Chassis stiff as a board.
Light as a feather.
D1 specification cage.
Brand name on every part.

Can't wait.
For that time of the month.
Load the car on a trailer.
Pay the 200$ entry fee.

My bro with a camera.
Taking pictures in HDR.
For the forums to see.
My fresh white TE's.


An 'urban' shot of my new trick bike.

The world needs teams for things teams are not necessary for

This is Travis. Travis rides fixed gear and drives cool cars. He will be posting on here as well, because this is a serious team blog.

Reason to go outside

Summer is here, and with it arrives all the usual dullness and apathy. However, yesterday I came across this ad for Dominic Sagona's 2008 USD Throne (skate brand & model), which made me recall how much fun I used to have skating, and the killer sunburns I would attain during the summer months.

Always welcoming an excuse to put off working on my car, I decided to assemble a pair of Thrones from the ancient parts I had laying around in the closet.
Feel free to make fruitbooter jokes. Sticks and stones, rubber, and glue.

These people 'get it'

Let's talk about the weather

Rad S13 with dope fitment getting sick angle in Japan

We 'get it'

This blog is authentic.