Fresh white TE's

Four boxes.
Chilling on my 'rents' suburbia doorstep.
Return address: Japan.
The anticipation is over.

The look will be complete.
Just need to finish the V-mount.
Set proper ride height.
Adjust the roll center.

Calculate grip to horsepower ratio.
Order the correct tire size
Mount, balance, install.
On my race car.

Chassis stiff as a board.
Light as a feather.
D1 specification cage.
Brand name on every part.

Can't wait.
For that time of the month.
Load the car on a trailer.
Pay the 200$ entry fee.

My bro with a camera.
Taking pictures in HDR.
For the forums to see.
My fresh white TE's.


A Drifter's Tale said...

I slang in my white te's
I bang in my white te's
All in the club spitting game in my white te's
Fuck a throwback I look clean in my white te's

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