Getting accustomed to my new bicycle.
Party bike.
Car post. In which an exhaust arrives. Note QuikTrip cup in the background. QT hot dogs are the best.

What I particularly enjoy is how OEM brOEM stocktacular this exhaust appears with Type-X aero.

Now I only need to acquire Type-X aerodynamics. This automobile is super cool by the way.

Please pay a visit to Mr. Tony A's weblog for viewing pleasure of the automotive kind, which is sure to leave a feeling of warmth and fuzziness inside.
It is also where I first saw this piece of indie cinema.
Yes! :)

'Objects in mirror' sticker. Please venture to Hugo's blogspace and admire his super duper awesome Corolla.
Fellow 180SX enthusiast Olly. A great noble chap if there ever was one.
Lord Trucky, emerging from the Shadows of Darkness.
Turn signals are an essential accessory to every gentleman's wardrobe.
Monsieur Zach Meister's S13. Please visit his Flickr for charming automotive lifestyle photography.