So I just returned from my short 5 day trip to California.
I must say, it was totally fantastic! I really enjoyed myself.
Whilst there, I made it out to the ASB event, amongst many other things.
I met a lot of righteous people and saw some cool E-famous cars in person.
What a rad state. I'll post my few pics from the trip soon, bros.

Now, I'm back in New Jersey :(

Just found this pic, that's me in the passenger seat. NEAT!
photo: (Larry Chen)
check link for full Hi-Res set


Matej said...

This is neat Ruiz. Sounds like you had a BLAST!

Ruiz said...

Matej, it was massively fun bro.
If these continue, you should come out and make the trip with me.

Next up, APW festival this Fri/Sat/Sun.
Let the fun continue.

Yuta Akaishi said...

hahah i want to.

when i get a better job hopefully.

Oscar said...

I want to go next year, too. I would love to drive the s30 there even more.

henry! said...


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