A few gentlemen have inquired if I could elaborate on my silly 'vertical hood mod' (not to be confused with the female piercing of identical name), which led me to put together this brief guide.
Please keep in my mind this is the most 'me-friendly' way I came up with, since I do not know how to weld nor have access to any cool dangerous tools.

Begin with grinding down the two tabs that prevent the hinge from opening further. This can be done with a cutoff wheel, dremel, or other some such device. Now the hinge will open all the way. (Anyone who does not mind resting their hood against the windshield can be done after this step.)

Procure angle aluminum that fits snugly around the hinge. The one I used has an inside width of 12mm (0.5").

Measure and cut a long enough section of the aluminum to extended past the upper part of the hinge and come in contact with the lower part when opened. Drill holes through the aluminum and hinge, then use bolts/nuts.

Trim/grind just enough of the extending aluminum off to let it open and close along the windshield weather strip.

Make sure to paint everything a colour that matches the vehicle. This is the most important step.

My apologies for the poor craftsmanship, as I am terrible at manual labour. However, I am certain anyone else can make this mod look much neater.


S133P3R said...

awesome, nice custom bit.

lachlan said...

for an s13, i found that if you remove the hood stand/pole, and fit it into a hole on the strut tower, it can hook into the bonnet and hold it perfectly vertical without resting on the windscreen. only falls down under heavy wind - when i happen to be removing headlights..

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